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Frequently Asked Questions



General Questions

How long will my item(s) take to ship?

Most orders are processed within 24-48 hours and shipped immediately.

If you have ordered a custom item these typically take 10-12 days to create before shipping.

What are your standard delivery times?

4-12 business days to all of Europe.

If your item does not show up within these times please feel free to contact us for a follow up.

Will I receive my item(s) in time for Christmas?

At this stage can guarantee that all orders made before the 1st of December will arrive before Christmas.

Custom items beyond this date may not make it in time taken to product them.

How do I cancel or change an item?

All changes and cancellations need to be made within 24 hours of purchase.

Unfortunately if they are done outside of this time we can't make any changes as they will have shipped or begun production on your item(s).

Please contact us for any changes to your order and quote your order number.

Eternal Love Collection

What will my necklace/bracelet names look like?

While we can't show you a preview of what your names will look like on the Jewelry, we can link you to a font preview by clicking here.

Does my necklace/bracelet come with a gift box?

Add to cart and find out :)

Pets Collection

Can you do 2 or 3 pendants for one necklace/keychain?

We certainly can.

We have set up a special discount code for anyone that wishes to combine them. Simply add the amount of pendants you want in your order and apply discount code "COMBINEPENDANTS" for a further 15% OFF.

This discount code will also signify to the team that you wish to combine the pendants for your necklace/keychain.

Does my Necklace/Keychain come with a gift box?

Yes, all our items now currently come with our standard Moonlit gift boxes.

Can you put multiple animals into one pendant?

If your pets are all touching together in the one photo we can do this in a single pendant.

After putting in an order please send an email quoting your order number and confirm this is exactly what you want.

Please be mindful that the animals may be made smaller to fit them into a standard sized pendant.

Are Black Cats/Dogs ok for the Special Pet Memory Necklace/Keychain?

Generally speaking yes. As long as the picture is of good quality the colour does not matter too much.
However, if you are still unsure please contact support staff and they will happily assist.

Do you do other animals like horses for your pendants?

We can do absolutely any of your pets, big or small, into our pendants.

Do you do the Special Pet Memory Necklaces in Gold?

Unfortunately not at this point in time, it is something we look at doing in the future.